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Deadbeat eBay Buyers Thread

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#141 Miller55


Posted 04 November 2022 - 04:56 PM

When people do that to me I tell them I already shipped it.

#142 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 14 January 2023 - 09:04 PM

Graham22Blake and Rkriess06 - In two separate transactions, both of these idiots reached out to me regarding a "looking to buy" post I made on SLS. Both of them made listings for two separate items I was looking for, I bought both and paid immediately, then neither of them shipped. Graham22Blake didn't responded to any of my messages and never logged in again, while Rkriess06 lied multiple times about shipping, then making up excuses such as, "My dog needed surgery, I'll ship tomorrow" or "My grandma died, I'll ship next Monday" and then stopped responding and logging in altogether. Why even go through the effort to make listings, then waste my time and tie up my money for three weeks? Did they think they were going to rip me off with a 100% money back guarantee for buyers? 

#143 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 24 January 2023 - 03:37 PM

Jrama21 - Brand new account that filed a dispute on skates that were exactly as described, already $300+ off of retail, with all the details clearly and precisely pictured and listed in the description. ALL of the complaints were clearly pictured and listed in the description: skates were sharpened, had some scuffs from storage and remounting the holders, etc. On top of that, the "dispute" pictures were comically forced: TINY scuffs with the magnification turned way up, even smaller than the ones that were clearly shown and outlined in my pictures. Like I described and pictured, there was zero damage to the skates and they had small marks that will appear on ANY skates sold in stores. While working at different hockey shops over the years, I've sold thousands of skates that were in worse shape after being tried on, returned, etc. 


I find it infuriating that someone who just joined with zero feedback can screw over people that have been selling for years with hundreds of transactions and positive feedback. There is no recourse for sellers and the buyer can do whatever they want with no repercussions. It's asinine that you can have hundreds or even thousands of sales and a person with a brand new, zero feedback account can open a case and force your hand. SLS "elite sellers" with a good track record and merit need to have more seller protection based on their selling history. Feedback aside, you can list every possible detail in the description, but it doesn't matter because NO ONE EVER reads descriptions. I went against both of my "don't sell to new accounts with zero feedback" and "don't sell valuable skates on SLS" rules and this is what happens. Unfortunately, eBay is much worse for sellers and probably would have let the buyer keep the skates and the money (which has happened to me multiple times throughout the years.)


Update: After comparing addresses, this is the SAME PERSON behind the cj4545, hockeystar007, liftedwk, and surfer4569 accounts that has been threatening and harassing me for months. This person is absolutely unhinged and this is at least their fifth account. They use a fake name and are all are located in Huntington, New York with one address in nearby Bohemia, New York. This guy is clearly targeting size 7 and 7.5 skates on SLS and has only harassed me on these specific skate listings. If you get a purchase from a newly created zero feedback account from in Huntington or Bohemia, New York, cancel the sale as "buyer decided to cancel" ASAP! Unfortunately, I did not connect the dots before sending the skates. Fortunately, SLS customer service has been aware of this issue for awhile, so they released the funds and closed the case after this issue was reported. If it was any other person, they probably would have ruled in the buyer's favor. 


TL;DR: Save yourself the trouble and do not sell anything valuable on SLS, especially to newly created accounts with zero feedback. 

#144 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 20 February 2023 - 03:03 PM

Bigfins67 - This guy reached out to me on SLS regarding my "looking for 13" Denver QRE gloves" post, stating he had some for sale. He made a listing at a reasonable price with pictures, which I then purchased. The guy had a few other pairs of gloves and helmets listed for sale, so I assumed he was just another new seller. He never printed the shipping label and stopped responding after the purchase, still logging into the site but ignoring all my messages. Why make the effort to reach out, take pictures, make a listing, then never respond again? Did he think he could scam on SLS with their 100% buyer protection? I know I'm not losing my money or anything, but I've been looking for these gloves for a long time and I hate having my money tied up for weeks.


Edit: The seller finally responded after a week and told me he couldn't ship until next week. I really wanted these gloves and know I have buyer protection so I agreed, but why would you go through all that effort and not even let me know beforehand?


Edit #2: To no one's surprise, the following week came and went and the seller never responded to any messages or even bothered to print the shipping label, despite logging into the app every single day. I cancelled the swap and got my money back, but I really wanted these gloves and this guy wasted so much of my time. Terrible communication, terrible seller, do not deal with Bigfins67.

#145 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 23 March 2023 - 04:10 PM

Hammer9 - This guy is an absolute DEADBEAT! This guy has never bought a single item from me, yet constantly dicks me around and wastes my time, favorites every single listing I post throughout multiple sports, ignores or rejects any reasonable offer I send, and cannot follow through on a single sale. When I told him to stop tire kicking, he threw a fit, swore at me, and told me he's "never buying from me again" when he's never bought ONE thing from me in the first place! These window shopping, time wasting, tire kickers are the worst - either buy my item or don't! Do not deal with Hammer9.

#146 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 09 May 2023 - 02:26 PM

Danspringman - Reached out to me regarding a "want to buy" listing I had for a Warrior QRE girdle and made a listing with pictures. Seller printed the label immediately after I purchased, then stopped logging in for over a week and ignored all messages from both myself and SLS. I had to press customer service a bit, but they refunded me after 8 days. Do these people really think they can scam with a 100% buyer guarantee?


Balboa66 - Begged me to hold shin pads and a visor for him until Friday. It was Thursday, so I reluctantly agreed and created a listing for him. Friday comes, no payment. He responds that he is working late and will send the payment Friday night. I wake up Saturday morning with no payment or messages. He then ignores all messages and never buys the custom listing I made. Of course, I never hear from the guy again. I had to put them back on SLS and luckily someone else bought them. This deadbeat is exactly why I do not hold items for people! 

#147 Golden Gate Sharpening

Golden Gate Sharpening
  • LocationNorthern California

Posted 19 May 2023 - 01:45 PM

Biissy42 - https://sidelineswap...locker/Blissy42 - This idiot buys a $15 236mm chassis with the exact length of the chassis in the title and description, all the exact measurements listed in the pictures, then filed a dispute, raised hell, and demanded a full refund because the box from 2001 says "recommended for size 6-8.5 skates" and that they will "not fit size 9 skates" when I clearly explained that I've installed 40+ of these, including on size 9 skates with no issues. They're the same length as Mission's aluminum roller chassis that are found on size 6-9.5 and I included the exact length of the chassis in the title and description. When I explained that I've been in the industry for over 15 years, own a hockey shop, and done thousands of roller hockey chassis installations, this idiot responded that he doesn't care about any of that and the only number that matters is the number from the manufacturer on the 20+ year old box. He proceeds to say the chassis is not as described (even with all measurements in pictures!) and it's "inferior" to the chassis that was listed. All this BS for a $15 chassis that would have had zero issues being installed as needed. 


EDIT: His overpriced locker is full of similar chassis, including a nearly identical chassis to the one he purchased for $97.20. It's clear that he was attempting to scam me in order to re-sell the chassis for profit. Why would he buy my chassis with the length and all measurements in the title/description if he already owns the exact same sized chassis and knows exactly which sized skates he prefers to put them on? I'm sure he will list my old chassis SLS very soon for $97.20. Thankfully, SLS eventually refunded me in "store credit" after originally siding with the buyer.


This same guy selling the same sized aluminum chassis of a similar quality for $97.20: