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Need advice choosing skates


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#1 mamalulu


Posted 10 January 2019 - 12:47 PM

Hello guys,


I'm back in the game after many years off due to an injury. Current skates are pretty worn out, time for a new pair! Haven't followed the scene, lots of new models i've never heard of so any advice is appreciated.


A little history, all through minor league I played with ccm tacks are really loved the skates, felt like every stride was unconscious and easy as walking. Since then i've been on Vapor 6, Vapor X60, APX and APX2.. the only pair i like among these is the APX2, but the boot is quite stiff and I feel like it's limiting forward flex too much for my liking. I also had the Graf G7 and LOVED the stiff lower boot and very flexible ankle.. but ended up ruining the inside liner because the heel is wayy to wide for me in the G7 regular. On top of it the right holder was misaligned.


I'm 6'6'' 230 pounds, decent skater. Arched foot with narrow heel. The Apx2 10d fits me well right now.


Basically I would like a skate with a stiff lower boot but flexible ankle. Doesn't have to be a high end model, I notice most of the new boots are very stiff


Thx for any advice

#2 Cavs019

  • LocationBoston

Posted 10 January 2019 - 02:52 PM

CCM 70K sounds like it could be in your wheelhouse. It’s a softer more forgiving boot.

#3 Dasbeardo


Posted 10 January 2019 - 11:02 PM

I’m a bit shorter than you, same weight, normal arch, narrow heel and wide forefoot. I would describe myself as a strong skater. Last pair of skates I had were from 20 years ago and didn’t fit anymore. I wanted something that had a little more flex in the ankle and went for a Ribcor 68K in and EE width. This was actually the second pair I bought as the Supremes I initially bought didn’t fit right.

They were a good price and I’m really happy with them. I had barely skated for almost 15 years and the gear changed so much. I did change the steel on them to some Massive Blades and had them profiled with a little more forward rocker. I wasn’t sure the 70K was worth the extra $$$ but I only looked at them briefly.

#4 gosinger

  • LocationAustria

Posted 11 January 2019 - 04:58 AM

On a side-note, if you feel your skates are too stiff for forward flex, you can try to experiment with lacing as-well. So I skip the second-to-top eyelet in Vapors which allows for sufficient forward flex while providing lateral support, when I skip the top eyelet I feel I lack lateral support. Plenty of additional options (lace loops between top and second eyelet, etc) available if you look at the corresponding threads here and MSH.

#5 mamalulu


Posted 21 January 2019 - 08:14 PM

Thanks for all the advice, got some ribcor 48k coming in the mail, cant wait to try them on, will also try the skipping the second eyelet on the vapors!

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