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Hoapa Sticks For Outdoor

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#1 GoldenStateSharpening


Posted 15 September 2020 - 12:55 PM

Recently, I've been using the Hoapa Helium PS1 tapered shaft with PS2 tapered ABS blades and I'm a huge fan. They come in a ton of curves, flexes, finishes blade stiffnesses, etc. I was very impressed with the selection of curves (finally found ABS blades in P28) and finishes. You can make a truly custom outdoor stick. Once a blade breaks, take it out and pop a new one in. Hint: You'll need to put some tape/extra glue on the hosel of the blade to get it to fit snug, but that's just my experience. Since there won't be much ice here in the foreseeable future, this was a huge investment that paid off greatly.


As for the company itself, Hoapa is located in Taiwan and was created by a former Verbero founder. All the products are manufactured in Taiwan and sent straight to North America, which cuts out the middle man and lowers costs. From production to delivery, it was about 12 days total for me. I have yet to try their ice one-piece sticks, but heard good things about them too.


Here is the link to the set: https://www.hoapahoc...ce-training-set

Two pack of additional blades: https://www.hoapahoc...=17976963498055

Four pack of additional blades: https://www.hoapahoc...=17976963498055



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#2 Mdwsta4


Posted 15 September 2020 - 01:56 PM

I looked into Hoapa early on in quarantine when they were running a special on the shaft +2 blades for $100 (plus shipping). I ended up going with the True AX9 shaft (believe it cost me $80+ tax) and a Frontier F-Xover ABS blade ($25+ tax). So basically the same price at the end of the day after you factor in shipping.


Aren't the Hoapa blades fiberglass/composite? I was concerned about that given the outdoor surfaces I typically play on

#3 GoldenStateSharpening


Posted 15 September 2020 - 02:04 PM

The PS2 blades have ABS, the PS1 blades are pure carbon fiber. I like the customizability and really wanted to use a P28 blade outdoors. I picked the sharkskin finish so I wouldn't need tape.


I'll update this after a few more outdoor roller games. I'm curious to see how it holds up. 

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#4 GoldenStateSharpening


Posted 24 September 2020 - 10:43 PM

After a few games, this thing is amazing! Little wear on the blade, I put wax on the sharkskin blade and it really pops with Green Biscuit roller pucks. 10/10 from me so far. 

"What's your best price?" is NOT an offer - Gr8erade

PucksForAll is a SCAMMER