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#14701 Adam


Posted 24 May 2019 - 08:58 AM

yeah the "world cup of hockey" bears little to no weight in terms of international competition. Its merely he NHL putting their best players in international jerseys for an all star tournament.

The World Championships are still highly regarded on the international level since there was a time when NHL players couldnt play at the Olympics. Nobody is arguing the best players play for the Stanley Cup, but the majority of those players end up at this tournament every year which should also say something.

#14702 - M

- M

Posted Yesterday, 01:05 PM

It's important outside of North America. Not so much here because the playoffs are on. In terms of senior level international tournaments the WC would probably be the third most important behind both the Olympics (when the NHL actually allows their players to attend) and the WCOH (assuming it happens on a regular basis at some point). It's hard to call a tournament that doesn't feature true best on best important. The NHL and the players have made it clear that they value the Stanley Cup more than the WC. Even players not in the playoffs aren't there (McDavid, Doughty, etc). If it was truly that important Canada and the USA would have all the best players who aren't in the playoffs barring any lingering injuries. 


North Americans just don't value this tournament as much.  I appreciate seeing European (especially Russian) NHLers will make themselves available once their team is knocked out.  They take pride in representing their country at every possible chance. 


Anything can happen at this tournament.  Finland (with minimal NHLers) just took out a star studded Russian team with Ovie, Kucherov, Kuznetsov and Malkin.

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