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The Rant Topic - What's Bugging You Today?

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#1961 bretwilhite

  • LocationPHL

Posted 02 July 2020 - 12:30 PM

Also, I know this one has been said a million times, but please buyers: JUST READ! I don't understand how some can forego an entire description with sizes, conditions, and other notes and blindly ask questions or make an offer without reading a single word. Then, guess whose fault it is when something turns out to be too small/too big/doesn't fit their model of equipment?


#1962 GoldenStateSharpening


Posted 04 July 2020 - 03:41 PM

 When you post a "wanted" thread and someone offers you something completely different than what you are looking for. I appreciate the help, but can you please just pay attention to what I'm looking for? Example: I'm looking for a size large Capitals red third girdle shell, then someone offers me a pair of regular navy Caps medium pants. 


Also: "Why don't you like them? What's wrong with them? Why are you selling them? There must be a reason you're selling them, can you lower the price?" Just because I'm selling something doesn't mean I don't like it or something is wrong with it. Sometimes I just need money, as we live in a capitalist society where money is exchanged for goods and services. Sometimes I need other things more than I need these things, therefore I am selling these things to pay for others. 

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