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RH: moving sale cheap kreps and PM9 sticks QR1 A6.0 Ribcor RS

12 August 2018 - 08:21 PM

Moving so just clearing out some stuff, no trades (trying to have to move less stuff :D)


CDN West end GTA


All sticks are used in excellent shape approx 62" standing



1) original version A6.0 Grip  85 flex TC4 used for 1 stick and puck 9/10  $80


2) Warrior QR1 special edition (all black orange text) Grip 75 flex yakupov curve 8.5/10 $70 


3) OG Reebok Ribcor Grip 75 flex duchene (PM9) curve 7.5/10  $100


4) Easton RS 85 flex no-grip E4 (PM9) curve 6/10 only because I sprayed a stick um on it otherwise 9/10  $40  




FS: CCM RBZ 6.5D white skates

09 June 2018 - 07:23 PM

These are well used couple of the top eyelets at the top are cracked (not broken still used fine). Some red bleeding from socks on the tongues. Would suggest new steel.


Note 6.5D in these feel more like 7-7.5 CCM sizing was messed up around this time.


$50  cdn




Jordan cleats and Kobe Bruce Lee

31 May 2018 - 08:15 PM

Kobe X Elite Bruce Lee colourway size 10. Condition 9/10 only worn the shoe couple times indoors (gym lifting, not ball). $100 USD

Jordan 7 baseball cleats (plastic cleats) size 10. New only tried on indoors, but don't have the box anymore can put in another Jordan retro box $80 USD

Jordan 3 football cleats (plastic screw in cleats) size 10. Condition probably 6/10 but i've put on new detachable cleats on them, don't have original box anymore $50 USD

Located Hamilton so can meet up west end GTA  I could ship if buyer pays ship/paypal (but i think it's usually around $30 bucks)

Eagle PPF 844 and Warrior Kovy Franchise (SOLD) GTA

27 May 2018 - 07:21 PM

Local Hamilton/GTA    dealing with vertigo so my travel may be limited or will have to make arrangements. 



Both were sanisport cleaned 2 months ago haven't been used since.



Eagle 14" black only wear on palm is hole on the first layer of the left.  


$60 cdn




Warrior 14" Kovalchuk ATL colours (blue with baby blue mid strip and white pinky stripe),  gloves pretty beat up, the leather bleed/peeling, cuffs cut up (think Ovi with the inner cuff off on the left glove).  Palms in great shape repalmed with eagle MSH2 palms.


Note I wouldn't suggest spending the money trying to repair the cuffs these are best serve as something for shinny. 


$OLD cdn basically asking for price of the palms 




PM me for higher res images (in particular the cut cuffs on the warriors, no trades (i don't know when i'll be back on the ice :( )

FS: True A6.0 85 flex TC4 RH

24 February 2018 - 10:23 PM

Selling original version A6.0  85 flex TC4.  cut and tapped used for one stick and pick. Just didn't get along with the smaller shaft shape vs the SBP. 


Stick standing on wall measures approx 62 inches.  


Local sale  West end GTA or Hamilton 


$100 CDN