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In Topic: Skate support

14 June 2019 - 02:06 AM

Since you can only make a boot feel softer but not stiffer, I'd suggest starting out with a stiff boot and seeing what you can do for forward flex.

Common suggestions:

* Only slightly tying the top 2 eyelets, but cranking heavily on 4&5, this pulls your heel in. Suggesting wax laces to avoid loosening.

* Skipping 1 or 2 of the top 2 eyelets. Forward flex gets easier, ranging from skipping the 2nd eyelet (noticeable) over skipping the 1st to both.

* Installing a skate lace extender. 55 Flex is out of business, but others exist (example).

* Wearing gel ankle sleeves. By distributing the pressure from the lace better you may feel more comfortable pushing up against it. 

I personally found my sweet-spot for top-end Bauer to be skipping the 1st eyelet and the gel sleeves, with Mako/VH/True it is skipping the 2nd and the sleeves.

In Topic: Hockey Gear Sets/Weekly Skate Ratio

13 June 2019 - 02:11 AM

One full set of gear (including socks/jerseys) I leave a the rink that I get on the ice with 4-6 times a week, one full set of packed travel gear at home, everything else is just "backup in case I need it" (currently thats 5 full bags) or inline stuff.

When I get the chance to, I bring the primary skates & gloves to travel, simply not to have to change up too much.

In Topic: 2018-2019 Pro Stock Sightings

06 May 2019 - 02:06 AM

Maybe I miss something, but that clear helmet is just a demo piece to show one element of the construction, but is missing all the EPP foam etc, right? So that wouldn't offer any sort of protection?

In Topic: Do You Mix and Match Equipment?

04 May 2019 - 06:26 AM

Sometimes when a product line is really outstanding, I play around with a "semi-full" set (shoulders, shin, elbows), and then keep the stuff that works and sell the stuff that doesn't (e.g. Easton EQ Pro Series, tried: Elbows (sold), Shins (kept as backup), Shoulders (kept as backup/secondary).)


All same brand did occasionally happen, but with 6-7 components and at least 4 manufacturers the chance is pretty slim.


All same brand and product line never happened, and I am pretty much convinced that when going for "proper" fit almost all people will benefit from at least mixing lines within brands.


Setup #1:

Helmet: Bauer (5100)

Gloves: Warrior AX1

Shoulder: Bauer Pro Series (similar to Nexus 1000)

Elbows: Reebok 20k Long

Pants: Reebok 9k Girdle

Jock: CCM Pro Combo (the black re-branded Jofa one)

Shins: Rbk/Jofa 9K

Sticks: Warrior Covert line (Super Dolomite, QRL Pro, QRE Pro)


Setup #2 (Travel Backpack):

Helmet: Easton E700

Gloves: CCM CL

Shoulder: Easton EQ Pro

Elbows: Jofa 8044

Pants: Bauer TotalONE Girdle

Jock: Reebok 10k Pro Combo (the white re-branded Jofa one)

Shins: Rbk/Jofa 5K

Sticks: Warrior Covert line (QRE Pro)

In Topic: Altered Gear

22 February 2019 - 04:52 AM

@AnimalFear: Many pants have the zippers/velcro on the inside of the leg to allow for a more wide/narrow fit depending on if they are closed (forming having an overlap) or open (example).

So if your pants don't have this or are not tight enough with it closed, you could do the same on the inside with another fold. Before cutting I'd use some safety pins to figure out how tight you want them, and then either stitch in a set of velcros or stitch them up directly (speedy stitcher is recommended).