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MIC Gloves - Many Rare and Custom Models

08 June 2019 - 08:02 PM

Listing some of my pairs that don't get used much. All gloves are MIC. Most will be custom, have had work done on them, or rare gloves. Prices may reflect that. Loops and liners are intact unless otherwise noted. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.


Some prices are firm, others may be negotiable. I've had many of these gloves for a long time - back when the market was different. Please PM me for negotiations. 


14"N Ruutu New Jersey Devils Franchise - $75

Good used shape. Easton tabs, palms are still soft.



13" Eagle Aero The Hockey Shop tan customs SOLD

Used once, like new. Yak split Hossa cuff with digi palms. 


13"N custom royal blue/red Franchise - $100

Yellow mustang palms, used but still soft. Cut loops.



14"N Fontaine Wild Covert - $100

Palms redone by pat. Like new conition.



13"N MIA Atlanta Thrasers MB33 (Franchise) SOLD

Palms and gussets done by HockeyMenders about 3 years ago. Used a couple times since.


13"N custom navy AX1 - $150 SOLD

Like new with minor pilling on palms.


13"N Kovy style SKA custom Luxe - $175

Like new with minor pilling on palms.



13"N Eaves Dallas AX1 - $175 SOLD

Palms/gussets/tabs/liners redone by Pat. Used once since. Gloves are like new. 


14"N Finland Franchise - $175

Gloves are like new.



13"N Berlin Franchise - $200

New with tags. 



13"N Thrashers style custom Franchise SOLD

Palms/gussets/liners redone by Pat. Not used since. Carbon has some wear on the shell. 


13"N Gionta Devils retro Franchise - $225

No liners. Unused since winning the Meigray auction straight from the team. 





More pictures in this album (album defaults to showing 10 photos - click the more photos button on the bottom for the rest):





Please send funds as gift or pay the 4% if going as goods. 

Domi Franchise Black/Orange

30 May 2019 - 12:05 AM

I remember a couple pair of these popped up for awhile and moved a few hands. Does anyone have a pair of the narrows that they want to move?



Random Socks Sale

27 February 2019 - 10:16 PM

All socks are used but in good to great shape unless otherwise stated. Sizes are visible in the pictures. Some are sets, others are individually priced. Prices do not include shipping and sent as gift. 


Old Admirals colorway set (home, away, third) - $50

New Admirals colorway set (home, away) - $30

Penguins Winter Classic Set (new '08, '11)

Windsor Spitfires

Maine Blackbears

Canadiens set (home and away) - $30

Senators/Hurricanes - $10

Hurricanes - $10

Maroon practice - $5

Cleveland Monsters (?)

Florida Everblades

Toronto Marlies - $10

Griffins specialty uniforms from a few years ago set SP style sock (bronze with red and black, white with red) - $10


Pictures can be found here:



4500 M Helmets

27 February 2019 - 10:06 PM

Two retail 4500s size medium.

The navy bucket has seen maybe 10 games of use.

The black is new but does have cracks where the visors mount.

Royal blue is sold.


$40 + ship each. Detailed pictures can be found here:



SOLD - Panarin Hawks QRL

30 January 2019 - 12:09 AM

13" with Easton cuff. Vent holes in the liners. Full dark grey micronash palms. Used but in fantastic shape.