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Today, 04:53 PM

Both Trues sold

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Custom DXs just arrived, really quick turnaround.


Build Construction: Alpha DX

Paint Scheme: White Alpha DX

Circle Warrior Logo: None

Team Logo: Canada flag by name print

Flex: 65 senior

Stick Length: Standard 60 in

Stick Shape: Rounded corners

Stick Finish: Grip

Stick Texture: Barber pole

Blade Finish: Shark grip

Blade Pattern: Jamie Benn pro

Hand: Left

Name Print: MELL-COBB

Name Print Colour: Black

In Topic: LH P28 Stick Sale

Yesterday, 06:28 PM


In Topic: True/VH Footwear Hockey

05 June 2019 - 05:46 PM

What I heard from our shop's True rep was a quick release holder is on the way and that they're going to do a trial run of retail skates (i.e. off the shelf, non-custom) at Pro Hockey Life.

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04 June 2019 - 04:21 PM

For those interested, I just ordered some custom Alpha DX twigs from Warrior and I got my hands on what appears to be a full list of spec options (no Covert options are listed so I'm guessing there's a separate sheet for Covert sticks):