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[SOLD] Fedor Tyutin Vapor XXXX gloves

01 January 2024 - 05:17 PM

Brand new CBJ-era Fedor Tyutin NikeBauer Vapor XXXX Pro gloves. Pics below. Like-new, I have personally never used them but I bought them second-hand so I don’t know the provenance.



New hockey manga “Dogsred”

08 November 2023 - 12:27 PM


So far seems to be better than that Orange series. Also, how old is gear in Hokkaido that the author is drawing RBK branded gloves, JOFA helmets, and Vector skates? Lol

FOUND U Mich white pants medium

05 October 2023 - 11:36 AM

IIRC these only came as Supreme pants, so I would be looking for a Medium lower attachment.

Yellow Synergy “rerelease”

08 September 2023 - 06:12 AM

Bauer are such teases. They can do reissues of the Synergy graphics but not the XXX Lite?


Still don’t like that the heel isn’t covered like on the actual OG Synergy sticks.

Vapor Hyp2rlite equipment teaser

06 June 2023 - 12:58 PM


Interested in seeing what this new blade core technology is.