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In Topic: CCM HP70 Whalers pants

30 November 2023 - 10:27 PM

Maybe he’s an Econ major at Monmouth?

In Topic: 2023-2024 Pro Stock Sightings

20 July 2023 - 07:02 PM

Not a fan of the new holder, but the white trigger helps.

In Topic: SLS Shipping BS

13 April 2023 - 07:20 PM

Probably more the fact that I’ve dealt with this seller before in the past and they seem to always create complexities.

I’m sure we all have and deal with a seller/buyer like that.

In Topic: SLS Shipping BS

13 April 2023 - 04:55 PM

Thanks for the insight!

He resorted that his inventory was actually inaccurate and therefore, canceled the swap/sale.

In Topic: SLS Shipping BS

13 April 2023 - 02:41 PM

More a diagnostic test re: next steps and if I’m the a-hole or the seller is:

Recently bought a pair of pants on SLS for the agreed upon price + $28 shipping. He (in the US) came back the next day saying shipping is $38.78 + $4.47 insurance ($43.25 total). And that if I don’t make up the difference he’ll cancel the sale.

In my experience, sellers have simply printed the label, slapped it on the box, and shipped. Just curious why the alteration and increase—now—in price before I simply ask or pay it.