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In search of a lock of Carl Hagelin’s hair

08 December 2017 - 06:20 PM

Can be from anywhere. Post game worn preferred. Thanks.

Carl Hagelin’s jock and garter

08 December 2017 - 06:14 PM

Title says it all

Fall Sale - Added Gloves (Harvard)

18 September 2017 - 07:11 AM

In case you didn't check the team sets topic. Added 3 pairs here too


Gr8erade's Consolidated Sale List (Gloves, Pants, Shells, Practice Jerseys).....

16 September 2017 - 08:52 AM

I keep my list up to date, so no need to PM me and ask if something that doesn't say sold next to it is "still available".   It is.   I just don't constantly bump my listing.



Warrior DT1 Pro 13in Slightly used. Washington Capitals - $120
Warrior DT1Pro 13in. #11 Lightly used. Tampa - $120

Warrior QR1 Pro 13in. Brand New. Jets Heritage - $200
Bauer branded Easton STH. 14in. Brand new. Red Wings (Nielsen) - $120

Warrior Franchise MIC 13N Versteeg. Lightly used. Florida (Navy/White) - $150
Warrior Covert MIC 13in. Bernier. Brand New. Devils - $150
CCM HG96 14in. Brand New. Capitals - $100

CCM 11K - Phoenix - 14in. NEW - $90
Bauer X60 Whalers colors -14 - New digital palms - $90
Easton Phoenix E-Pros. 14in. Very lightly worn. Canadian made. - $50
Easton Dallas E-Pros. 14in. Very lightly worn. Canadian made. - $50

Easton Toronto, 14in Brand new HSX. -$90

Warrior Luxe MIC 13in. Slightly used. Old Nashville (all navy, white lettering) - $150 SOLD
Warrior Covert MIC 14Narrow. Lightly used. Winnipeg (Navy with white lettering) - $135 SOLD
Warrior Covert MIC 14Narrow. Brand new. Boston (black with white lettering). -$150 SOLD
Warrior Covert MIC 14in (Purcell #16) Brand new. Tampa - $150 SOLD
Bauer 1X 13in.
(no inner padding) Krejci Brand new. Boston - $125 SOLD

Warrior QR1 Pro 14in. Luxe Cuff Brand new. Nyquist. Detroit Red Wings - $150. SOLD
CCM HG96 14in. Brand New. Hossa/Chicago - $110 SOLD
Warrior Phoenix MIC Warrior Luxe - 14N - NEW - $110 SOLD
Warrior NY Rangers MIC Lightly used/new palms Warrior Franchise Advanced – 14W - $90 SOLD
Warrior AX-1 Dynamo - 13.5in – NEW - $110 SOLD



Warrior QRL Large.  Brand New.  Winnipeg Jets Heritage - $145   exactly these, but not +1..... https://www.prostock...-winnipeg-jets/
Warrior Covert Large +1.  Brand new.  NJ Devils  - $140.   Exactly these, but the generation prior....https://www.prostock...ersey-devils-6/
Warrior Hustler MIC Large. Brand new. Boston - $160
Warrior Hustler MIC Medium. Used. Ottawa - $90
Warrior Hustler MIC Medium. Lightly used. Capitals (all Navy) - $140 SOLD

CCM HPUCLX Size Large. Lightly used. Leafs (all royal) - $125. SOLD



9K type:
Large Warrior Coyotes 3rd (Maroon with Stripes) New. $50

Medium CCM Coyotes 3rd New $50
Medium Warrior Boston Winter Classic Dynasty (Vatrano Game Worn) - $175

Large Warrior Dynasty Kings (purple) New $75 SOLD

Large Easton Pittsburgh Third New $70
Large Reebok Chicago PP10 New $70
Large Warrior Chicago New $70

Medium Warrior NYI New $70
Medium Warrior Caps (Navy) New $70


CCM Resistance Pro Stock (Navy) Medium. Brand new with tags all attached. $60   

Practice Jerseys 3.0
Vancouver Heritage 58 - $150
Pittsburgh Stadium Series 56 (Craig Adams) - $175
NYR Green 56 - $150

Washington Capitals 58 Grey - $100 SOLD
LA Kings Purple 58+ $80
Atlanta Thrashers Navy 58+ - $80   
Columbus Navy 56 - $100
Calgary Green 58 - $100
Dallas (Old) Navy 58 - $75
Capitals Navy 58 - 100
Columbus St. Pats Green 58 - $100
Toronto Royal 58 lightly used - $75
Carolina Black 58 lightly used - $75
NY Islanders Blue 58 -$100
Ducks Black 58 - lightly used - $75

Prices don’t include shipping. Shipping costs money.
Prices assume gift payment. You can add the 4% if you want buyer protection.

New means new. And anything slightly or lightly used is not going to disappoint you.

I consolidated several sales into this one page with many prices adjusted. To not kill the internet, please search for my previous sales for photos of most (shells, pants, jerseys and most of the gloves have photos up.) I inserted links to previous listings, so look there first. Sorry about that. Please do a diligent search and then contact me.

Also, please don’t kick the tires and ask a million questions if you’re not interested or are planning on asking me to cut you a huge deal in the end. My pricing is fair and significantly less than I paid for everything here, so please don't waste our time with $5 haggling. I will probably make deals on certain items or if you're interested in more than one thing, but the key is going to be how you approach this.
Read my feedback…..

Additional photos:
Brand new gloves get the single glove treatment....
Krejci, Bernier, Purcell
Detroit Nyquist, Jets Heritage, Bauer branded Easton


Slightly used.....
Jets MIC, Tampa DT1Pro
Nashville Luxe, Washington DT1Pro