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In Topic: Elbows Rbk 7K or 8K Pro

Yesterday, 10:56 PM

I have a pair of size 4 7K Pros on the way that are going to be refurbished with new elastic, velcro, and stitching. I'll message you when they're done and ready to sell. 

In Topic: $400 CCM FT4 Pro 7.5 D/A MIC Skates w/ Step Blacksteel

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

Final price drop to $400 + shipping. These skates are mint and I'm only selling them for this cheap because I move on the 15th. I would highly prefer selling on here over SLS or Feebay. My loss is your gain. 

In Topic: The "thats cool but i dont need it" on Ebay thread

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

I've done full classic car restorations since I was a kid, thanks to my dad. Body work, paint, and more importantly custom interior upholstery. I've been on a sewing machine for almost 25 years. I mod just about every glove I get. The time to strip, measure, cut patterns, and do the work just isn't worth it. People don't want to pay for the work, or the craft. I even send my stuff out because what they charge is dirt cheap compared to the hours they put in. My dream would be to open up a custom glove mod/repair shop, but I know the market isn't there. I totally understand why they went with the pro route


100% agreed. Palm material isn't cheap. Cutting and sew the palms, meticulously sewing them in, stitching new binding, and finally putting the gloves back together takes hours of work with minimal profit. You really have to love the craft to commit to it. I'd love to offer is as a service one of these days, but most people would rather just buy new gloves. Us pro stock geeks with our crazy mods are just a small fraction of the market. 


By comparison: I bought a profiler for $3.5K last year and while profiling steel is way easier than repalming, I have yet to make even close of my investment back. I charge $50 per profile, which includes maintenance/re-profiling throughout the life of the steel. Most customers don't care about profiling and the ones that do usually only have one set done. I've only done about 20 full profiles so far and need to do about 50 more to break even. I'm hoping my new location will attract more customers since I'll be the only one that can profile in the area. I was competing with a few other shops at my old location. On the flip side, I was able to profile all of my steel and being able to profile my steel at any time makes the purchase worth it. 


On topic: Kraken and Golden Knights player bags: 




In Topic: Recent Pick-ups

Yesterday, 03:30 PM

When I got my skates right after the True/VH merger, I went through rivets quick frequently. Tried everything everyone told me but it never seems to work. As novahands said, I’d have to see if they’ve completely fixed that issue before going back to them. 


Sorry to hear that, it must be frustrating! I've done a bunch of rivet repairs on customer VH/True skates, but I guess some of them are unfixable. I hope True addresses their rivet issues with their newest skates; the guys that I know with True skates absolutely love them. I had a pair of customs (built for someone else's feet) in 2020 that I enjoyed, but didn't like as much as my Ribcors and Makos. They heat mold and wrap very nicely and have lots of potential if they can get the rivets and tendon guard issues fixed.


I've been in tf9s for over a year at this point and I have no issues with the rivets or the tendon guard.


I've heard good things about the retail Trues so far. Did you have to go 1/2 size down? They open up quite a bit after baking. 

In Topic: Recent Pick-ups

06 August 2022 - 03:10 PM

The new Trues are beauties for sure. The thinner outsoles are similar the Easton Mako II's; I had to use #5 (very short) rivets to mount Tuuks on them. 


If you're having problems with True rivets, I recommend adding a small amount of epoxy over each rivet to protect them from sweat and wear. Leave the middle of each rivet open so your skate tech can remove them easily if necessary. In addition to taking your footbeds out after every skate, that should help prolong the life of the rivets.