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In Topic: Warrior QRE Shell

Yesterday, 01:06 AM

They run small. I wear a medium girdle, but wear a M+ or L QRE shell. If you're in between sizes, go with the larger size. 

In Topic: The "that's @#!$& ridiculous" on ebay thread

30 November 2023 - 02:37 PM

"Bauer 2N sticks painted all black" https://sidelineswap...ack-p88-75-flex

In Topic: True/VH Hockey skates

28 November 2023 - 03:07 PM

I'm so tempted to replace my now 2 (or 3?) generations old Trues early next year. I've stuck with the Shift holder this time, but I think I may switch it up if I do go for another pair. What I can't decide on is which holder to choose. With Step being so hard to find for Tuuks, it makes sense to go with the XS holder. But I've heard the new Bauer steel is just as good as Step now, so maybe just go with the Powerfly holder. Too many decisions.


The new JRZ steel is on par with Step Steel and fits both the XS and Edge holders. If you want a stiffer holder, go with the XS or Powerfly. If you want something a bit more flexible, go with the Edge.

In Topic: Warrior QRE Pro Girdle Medium

27 November 2023 - 09:51 PM

DK has one:




In Topic: True/VH Hockey skates

27 November 2023 - 04:37 PM

The Catalyst and TF boots feel similar to me, however my TF9's are roller skates and I've never used the TF on ice. 


True SVH customs. Much better than the Hzrdus Pros that I tried and eventually sold. The jury is still out on durability (some stitching and glue coming apart) but they're extremely comfortable.